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About NASA

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NASA is the Newton After School Association

NASA is the Newton After School Association. We are a 501c organization officially incorporated in 2020. Newton's after school programs are also individual non-profits, each governed by a board of directors made up of parents and members from their individual programs to best serve the unique situations within each school community. While we are individual programs, we are a collective under NASA - a formal association that meets regularly, collaborates as education professionals, and works united in our goal of intentional social & emotional education and quality childcare. 

NASA was founded in 1977 and is one of the oldest after school associations in the country. NASA programs have been meeting since then to plan professional development opportunities, discuss current issues in the field, and look at the big picture role of after school programs in the education of our students. 

NASA programs are not part of Newton Public Schools, but maintain a collaborative professional relationship with the system and rent space in many Newton Public School buildings. Our goal as a partnership is to best serve our collective students and families.

NASA is organized by two co-presidents, a treasurer, and a secretary. Current roles can be found on our leadership page

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