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NASA Leadership

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Katie Crowe
Carly Johanson

Katie is an Angier alum and happy to be back as the Executive Director of AASP. She previously worked at the Cabot After School Program (CASP) in Newtonville, and currently serves as a NASA Co-president. Katie is a retired roller derby skater and the head coach for her league, and enjoys fishing and hiking with her pups.

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Kathy Lynnes

With a tireless enthusiasm towards her families and staff, Kathy has been a member of the PEDP team for over 35 years. Always on the go with many varied interests, Kathy is committed to sharing her love of learning through new experiences with the children in her program as they cultivate interests of their own.

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Donna Marohn

I have called Ward After-School my home-away-from-home for 30 years now!  I can't imagine working anywhere else that is filled with the variety, creativity, and pure joy that working in an after-school program provides! 

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